Hello, my name is Brian Stephens.

Front-end developer, graphic designer, and letterer

  • Front-end developer at Real Art in Dayton, Ohio 
  • Associates Degree in Visual Communications from Sinclair Community College
  • 7 years experience working in the industry
  • 3 years in print, 1 year in marketing, and 3 years in web development
  • Fluent with HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript
  • Proficient with Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Can probably kickflip on a skateboard first try
  • On average, I ride over 300 miles on my bicycle each year
  • My best solve time for a Rubick's Cube is 1 minute
  • In 2012 I hosted a bicycle ride that raised $800 for cancer research
  • I have two ladies in my life: Hannah and Windy — they're both motorcycles.
  • I enjoy quality beer and coffee (shocking, I know)

Here is my Resumé